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  • Sarah Currier Consultancy
    Giz a job. About metadata, or repositories, or Web 2.0 resource sharing. In education. Go on, I know you've got one ...


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One-Line Bio

I'm a Village Auntie who lives with my spouse and a cat.


I was conceived in Canada, born in Seattle, raised in New Zealand, and emigrated to Scotland at the age of 31 (1997).

I write when I can find the time, and I believe in magic and ritual, although I can't explain why it works. I have no idea why we are here or how it all works, and I am deeply suspicious of anyone who claims to, from New Age gurus, through religious and political fundamentalists, to committed atheists.

Eating good food is my religious worship. The beach is my church. In Scotland, this means the big surf beaches on Lewis. Only wild, big surf beaches count.


intersectional feminism, anti-racism, Scottish independence, anarchism, socialism