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I'm flying to Birmingham in a few weeks. One thing I recommend now; go to Selfridges in the Bull Ring before going to the airport. Bottom floor: loads of food places e.g. noodle bar. And a Krispy Kreme dougnut place.

Recent airports I've been in:

* Prague: big and spacious, but with a very long wait for baggage collection. Also contains lots of Geordies starting their stag nights. Very cheap bus service outside to a metro connection to the city centre - there is no need to take a taxi. Shop around for drinks and food, as prices vary wildly. However, it has the most expensive cybercafe outside of the UK (I think it was the Black and White cafe). Avoid.

* Copenhagen: expanded since I was last there. The number of eating options is now more than probably in all Scottish airports combined. They are quite spread out, so make sure you've found them all before picking one. Excellent shops.

* Los Angeles: Hmmm. Not sure about this one. I did see Nicole Kidman there (small, very pretty, unpleasant bodyguard). Wish they had better info about public transport, as there is a very reliable and dirt cheap direct bus service to Santa Monica. I think it's called the Big Blue Bus, and leaves from one of the airport car parks. A few dollars, as opposed to fortune you'll pay a taxi driver.

* Berneray International Aiport: Shut on the Sabbath. Only serves Guga (a kind of seabird from Lewis that is throttled and pickled in paraffin for a fortnight before being cooked). All the signs are in Gaelic. The check-in assistant also is the stewart, pilot and air-traffic controller. Flights can be delayed if the pilot needs to do some lambing.

Morag Eyrie

Cheers John- without you this would just be another sad blog of mine that noone comments on. Your advice on Brum is well-taken, unfortunately for me and many like me, Brum is just an airport we use to get somewhere else nearby (in the case I mentioned, Warwick). However, I will note it because there may be a trip actually TO Brum sometime and I always like a good food tip. I would LOVE to see Nicole Kidman in the flesh- yum! And I guess LA would be a good airport for spotting celebs. I did see one of the Spice Girls at Glasgow Airport once, but I can't even recall which one, which shows you how exciting that was for me. And I've been wanting to try that seabird since I saw an Gordon Ramsay on the telly trying it, but I'm not actually sure you're telling the truth that it's REALLY served at Berneray International Airport ;-) (I'd also like to try Gordon Ramsay, so sue me).


Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!



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They ended up with a horrible sandwich because their vouchers barely covered that. It was so sad, I really felt for them. They were laughing though, in that way you laugh when you've been in a weird horrible place for a couple of weeks and you're going slightly mad, but are nearly home.

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