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John Kirriemuir

Refound this blog while in a mild rage about BA introducing charges for selecting what type of seat you want, and doing some web searching as a result.

Least favourite US airport is now Chicago - specifically terminal 5, where planes to the UK leave from. Last month I got through the scramble of the security check to find ... virtually nothing. One stand selling a few salads, peanuts and chocolate at prices that would make even the eyes of Scandinavians water. Going back out and through security again wasn't a pleasant option, so like others I fumed and spent 15 dollars on something smaller than a starter in a British cafe.

Didn't put me in a good mood for the 8 hour flight to London. So, if you are doing an international flight out of a US airport, don't assume that after security there will be any kind of restaurant or cafe. Don't screw up like I and others did - check first.

If you revitalise this blog, expect some comments about Birmingham International Airport from me, as it's now my 'local'.

renaissance costume

Hmmm seems like a pretty bad experience. At least you landed safely.. :)

Heathrow car

Public transport is desperate to Glasgow especially during rush hour on the bus - can often take as long as the flights! The point is terrible fall in peak hours and normally driven from the point of falling behind the story of many. Inside is like a building site and the staff very rude and often unnecessary.

Taxi To Heathrow Airport

I was so hungry by the time I landed in Glasgow I actually ate in the Glasgow Airport restaurant: that's a first for me. I knew I'd be too tired when I got home to cook, and there was no food in the house anyway.

Stansted Airport Transfers

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