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June 19, 2004


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Hey Sarah, great site (love the colours!).
I would just go into ze comic shops & get it over with. You won't look any dafter than I do, blundering into
Page 45 in Nottingham on regular forays for my comic-reading gf. Just do it! Or ask me nicely, I'm in Nottm this weekend.
Will see if I can ze gf to contribute with some of her must-reads, comic-wise. Make no promises, though...



Hi Sarah! love your blog. I have some Love and Rockets comics you can borrow if you like!


Hey lovely gals! The comics fans have really come out of the closet now- I've had e-mail comments off-blog from previously unsuspected comics-philes as well. I think I'm just gonna see if Jake will take me to the comics shop with him one time- it's not far from my work. And I appreciate the offer of a loan Lynne- you are too generous- my Love & Rockets comics have always been virtually the only thing I would never lend out. I'm gonna get my own! I still have your Peaches CDs though- they are safe- in fact I think I will burn them tonight). I did think it would be cool to start a kind of comics-only book group tho' - til I realised the people I know who are keen live right across the country. Oh well. I'm right off organising groups at the moment.



I'll take you to the comic shop. I think you might like the odd thing they have. As you know I'm relatively new to the whole comics game but I'm discovering that you have to be quite discerning. Mostly they have the standard superhero stuff but if you know what you are looking for they can order it in for you and they do stock some of the darker more adult themed stuff.

I still find it a little intimidating, I'm only just learning the comic shop lingo but it is great to have a whole fantasy world to escape into. I like the fact that the roles seem to have changed and in the comics for mature readers the heroes are generally more complicated, compromised characters than, say, Superman. The other thing is that I really fancy the female superheroes. Oh no, I sound like a total geek.


Jake, I've been waiting for years for you to ask me on a date, and this is such a perfect one. We can be geeks together in the comics shop.

(For benefit of everyone else- yes Jake does have a girlfriend already- I know it's not THAT kind of date. But it is a nice escape on a weekday).

I really like comics that turn old chestnuts into complex modern characters- like Alan Moore's version of Swamp Thing- an amazing series. Anything by Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman do it for me, as well as Los Bros Hernandez.

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