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October 22, 2005


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I thought Caesar salad was meant to be made with Cos lettace - iceberg being the poor man's choice.

But indeed, tomatos!!! WTF!!!?


Thanks for the support Calum :-) Honestly, I've had horrible tomato-y Caesar salads three times in different restaurants and cafes lately.
It's nice to hear from you too.
Remember that the recipe I linked to is very old- perhaps from the days when iceberg lettuce itself was considered exotic. I do prefer a less watery lettuce myself though.
Did you notice I put a link to your pal Robert Wallis's fab shamanism book with a mini-comment? There's more to come about the renaissance of Sarah's spiritual life- it's coming back to me with a vengeance from its recent low-lying state.

Annie Levy

The Caesar Salad Song
“One of the earliest Maestros of Caesar Salad was Nicola Paone, a former tenor and Broadway soloist, who opened his namesake restaurant 50 years ago. He composed this song to accompany and elucidate the tableside preparation of his fine version of Caesar Salad”
from one of the best compilation cookbooks ever, The New York Cookbook, Molly O’Neill, 1992, Workman Publishing, NY

With the salt be avaricious
Quarter teaspoon, even less
With the pepper use your judgement
It’s the flavor you’ll assess

Use the vinegar with prudence
Just two tablespoons will do
And then crush one clove of garlic
Which is always good for you

A half cup of crumbled pieces
Of the parmagiano cheese
Onc half cup of olive oil
Use the extra virgin, please

Caesar, Caesar…
Gonna gonna make I good
Gonna gonna make it right
Gonna gonna make it so
My love will love me more tonight

Make a paste of two anchovies
One egg yolk, room temperature
Lemon juice: one tablespoonful
Make sure that it is fresh and pure

Have one romaine lettuce ready
Trim it to bite size, washed and dried
One half cup of bacon pieces
Not too fat, but crisply fried

One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
Half teaspoon of mustard, too
And then get half a cup of croutons
So the preparation’s through

Caesar, Caesar…
Gonna gonna make I good
Gonna gonna make it right
Gonna gonna make it so
My love will love me more tonight

Take your time, be ever patient
So you’ll never lose control
Now, let’s put these things together
In a spacious salad bowl

Put the salt and put the pepper
And the vinegar just thus
Put the oil and the garlic
Garlic is salubrious

Lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce
Plus the yolk of egg right in
Use the mustard, leave the rest out
And you’re ready to begin

Now it’s time to beat the dressing
Beat it creamy smooth and then
In the bowl put the lettuce
And with vigor go again

In good spirit you will toss it
Toss it well and you are bound
To get praise for all your talent
If the leaves are coated round

Take the garlic out, discard it
Make your dishes nicely cold
Place the salad in the platters
Before serving them behold

Take the croutons and the bacon
With good care and neatly done
Sprinkle them atop the salads
And my wish is: LOTS OF FUN
California, I adore you
Giving me this precious dish
I can taste and feel your sunshine
Nothing better one could wish

Sense the breeze from the Pacific
Hear your waves from every shore
With closed eyes I see your magic
Things I never dreamt before

Caesar, Caesar…
Gonna gonna make I good
Gonna gonna make it right
Gonna gonna make it so
My love will love me more tonight

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