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April 13, 2006


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found your blog via lou's one which i found via flickr. liked your bit about aspies. my son has aspergers and adhd and both his dad and i are certainly there on the spectrum (me the adhd, his dad the aspergers at a guess). your blog looks fascinating - will try and read more when i have a spare chunk of time!

keep on rockin


Morag Eyrie

Hi Angharad! (Oh! You're Joker the Lurcher- why did I assume you were male on Lou's blog?! I think it's because I'm from New Zealand where "joker" means "bloke"!). Anyway, thanks for dropping by. I've been interested in AS and related things for a while, and my interest was re-vamped by recent events in Lou's life. It's really weird but even after all of my past reading, and the fact that two of my best friends have had, or have, relationships with Aspies, and that I've discussed this at length with them, I only just clicked that (I think) there is a strong strain of Aspie on my Dad's side of the family. So I'm starting to explore what that has meant for me in terms of communication styles and other issues from my upbringing. It's great to get these insights. I have to say that the adult Aspies I know are wonderful, there are so many things to love about them, although I imagine if my partner had AS I would find it really hard going, especially given my own non-NT existence at the other far end of the spectrum (where I can read a whole lifetime in a glance, never mind body language!). I think one thing about my family that's interesting is the strong preponderance of female Aspies; this has made it harder to put my finger on, and I've been doing a bit of research online into women with AS. Found a great site by a young Aspie woman: Take care, S.


hi sarah

i just stole my dogs name! he is a beauty - you can see pics of him on flickr.

my work is in anti-social behaviour in an urban regeneration project on some tough estates so i keep a bit of a low profile.

its really interesting what you say about your family. mine too, and my husband's (his oldest brother is so typically aspie but never got diagnosed). its not until you read about it that it becomes apparant how widespread it is. i'm sure my mum was on the autistic sprectrum and her identical twin had some mad habits like covering her house with fablon (stickyback plastic) and white fun fur. my sister thinks its a genetic fluke that's preparing people for the next century of technological advancement.

i like what you say about you being the other end of the spectrum. i've read a bit about what they call emotional intelligence which seems to me a sort of extra sense of the essence of people. maybe its in everyone but some people have less preconceptions about others so it comes out more easily. i have a bit of this too and make guesses as to people's history which is sometimes accurate but sometimes wildly out!

i'll look at the website you mentioned - i'm always fascinated to hear people's points of view.


Morag Eyrie

Hi again Angharad, here's a link to an earlier posting about being at the other end of the neuro-spectrum (where shamans and wisewomen live):

I'm kinda thinking about whether I should start an anonymous blog myself as there are things I'm itching to discuss but can't because of other people's privacy! Just looked at the FAAAS site which has a discussion board for adults related to AS/autistic adults but you have to pay to join..

Gorgeous dog, by the way. :-)


Found your blog via a google search for "aspergers shamanism".

Thought I would share today find with you which combines both subjects. The film documentary has been getting accolades at the film festivals.

A combination of ritual healing/shamanic practices with my kid is starting to become an area I am researching.

Morag Eyrie

Thanks for the comment and links Jeff- looks really interesting. I guess you are familiar with the work of Temple Grandin, regarding autistic people and animals? Fascinating. I'll definitely be forwarding your website to my two friends who have autistic sons.


Hi, I stumbled onto this old post of yours. Wow, the thought of Fiona Apple being on the austism spectrum had also crossed my mind. I've heard of Bonnie Prince Billy and I remember reading about how he had so many psuedonyms and that I could totally relate to that; plus the few songs that I'd downloaded of him were just so peculiarly solipsistic. Listening to his stuff was like something too close to home...

I'll throw in a few other artists that set off my aspiedar a little: Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Stephen Merritt, Townes Van Zandt, Kanye West (yeah, I know...). Or perhaps I'm just wishing that I might be a teeny-bit like them heh

You're definitely cool for recognizing particular parallels between Asperger's, music, and the need for role models. We're not all talented but, indeed, we need role models to relate to and look up to that are doing what they love and doing it well.

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