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March 24, 2009


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Lou McGill

Great post Sarah - captures the subtlety of Lorna so well.

Morag Eyrie

I probably shouldn't have given the game away :-} Also, couldn't get to sleep last night cos I suddenly saw how my post is so ME, ME, ME compared with your post on similar topic.

Lorna M. Campbell

Awww sweetie, you're too kind. Can I just say though, you are always my first choice, never my eighth :)

Morag Eyrie

That's nice of you to remember it that was honey but I recall at least two people before me for CETIS EC SIG Coordinator that you were disappointed wouldn't do it. Not that I hold grudges (unless it's Intrallect: I'm still burning that they claimed they created the Product Manager post for me then offered it to me SECOND!)

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